Business Development

The Simpson Marketing Partnership can help you penetrate your existing markets and attract new clients, but your business development plan requires patience, focus and above all, thorough planning. There are no shortcuts here so to begin with, you need to answer the following questions:
  • Are we developing the extra new business we need from new clients?
  • Are we developing the extra new business we need from existing clients?
  • What are the levels of client retention and new wins?
  • What is the definition of a ‘good’ client or ‘good’ job?
  • Are profit targets set?
  • Are revenue targets set?
  • How is the targeting and key client process managed?
  • Do clients know the full extent of the service range – could we sell more?
  • What proportions of business development effort is invested between current and potential clients? What are the comparable success rates?
  • Do we have a relationship management programme?
We can help you to structure a process to acquire new clients and increase revenues by:
  • Identifying your best clients and finding their common features
  • Creating a profile from those features to identify your most likely prospects
  • Finding common connections about the prospect pool (CRM) and positioning your firm to encounter them
  • Coaching individuals or groups on how to sell and make progress on their plans
  • Setting reasonable and measurable goals
  • Establishing reporting structures for sales activities in conjunction with CRM