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As they say-first impressions count!!

In today’s world of social media sharing, it is vital to put your best foot forward from the very start to avoid your patients, clients, and customers from leaving negative reviews about you online.


First interactions are often via phone. If the employee answering the phone is short, discourteous, or unhelpful towards a client, then that impression will remain with them, and your practice will suffer.

Working with your staff to set up a simple template to insure the same greeting and information is offered to all callers is essential.  This also allows staff to get the required information from each patient. Whether or not you believe a smile can be heard, an indifferent unfriendly tone certainly can be.

Waiting Room

The waiting area will affect a patients’ impression of the care they are about to receive. Adequate seating, and reading materials are essential. Although, with the onset of smartphones, patients are less inclined to flick through the magazines on offer in your waiting area.

Front Desk

Work with your front desk staff on how best to make patients feel welcome the second they walk in the door. Also, how best to answer common questions and queries.

Running behind schedule.

The main complaint for most patients is wait time. Allowing your staff to inform patients of any delays if and when they arise will make the patient feel updated and not ignored.

Strong first impressions will help retain your patients, and lead to more positive word of mouth.

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