Video in the Marketing Mix

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Marketing, News | 0 comments

While you may not be aware of the importance of video marketing at the moment, it will become evident to you in the near future. No matter what your business is, what your brand stands for, or how you currently market to your target audience, video marketing will become a mainstream marketing tool in the very near future. Reaching a target audience, especially online will be greatly aided by adopting a video marketing campaign.

The use of videos in a marketing context is already well underway in the US and the UK, it is set to grow exponentially over the coming years.

Why is it that video is growing as a marketing tool?

Videos, by their very nature, are engaging. With the advance in mobile Internet connections, video has seen an explosion in popularity, broadband speeds are getting faster and faster, 4g connectivity also allows users to view video quickly and on the go. As such, people’s preferences have changed, from textual information to visual information.

The majority of us grew up with TV, naturally enough, we are increasingly engaging with video in digital online environments. Video entertains, it engages, it educates, it demonstrates, and it inspires. In terms of disseminating information, a user is more likely to retain information that they see and hear as opposed to what they read. We all have a friend who groans when they realise the film they are about to see in the cinema is subtitled!!! But why is this? Information is coming at them from an audio, a visual and a textual format.

The landscape has changed for TV; newer mediums such as laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones also provide video and on demand TV programs and movies, what has not changed is the users thirst for visual content. Perhaps this is because video engages more of our senses. There is a reason that burgers and pizzas look better on screen than they do in real life, our senses are engaged with video and as such, a well executed video advertisement for instance can have us all running to our phones to dial our local pizza delivery outlet.

From a brand’s perspective, video can increase our credibility, offering us the chance for face-to-face contact with out target audience as it were. Video marketing allows us the opportunity to connect with our target audience in this manner all the time, and not simply when we are physically in out offices. A video on your website informing visitors about your brand, your company, and the services or products you provide, will work for you all day every day, all year round.

It is perhaps a well worn phrase, ‘but people tend to buy people’- they buy from people they can see and connect with on some level; people they trust; people they like. Video allows that opportunity, the chance to inform your potential client that: yes, you are a nice person, and yes you can be trusted, and yes you will solve their problem with your product/service.

If we think of the rise in popularity of YouTube, or the difference between a standard phone call and a Skype/ Facetime video call, it really shouldn’t be a surprise to see that video is growing, and sooner or later, it will form a part of your marketing mix.

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