Your About Us Page- It’s Important.

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Using your homepage to provide too much information is a common mistake, it is after all, an entry point to the rest of your website.

The About Us page allows you to tell the visitor about you and your organisation on a more personal level, without the need for rigid business like language, About Us pages are more commonly visited than one might expect.

The aim of the About Us page in a medical context is to introduce yourself to patients, while building trust in your practice. It should give easy access to detailed biographies of your staff members. The About Us page is precisely that—information about the practice—so when someone visits the page, they are essentially giving you permission to tell them about you, your staff and your practice.

If you have too much text, visitors are likely to skip over it. It is still necessary to have a fair amount of information on your About Us page, because it is one of the more important pages from an SEO perspective.


  • 1. Include images along with your text. Images of your practice, your signage, your staff members or images of your locality.
  • 2. Include video clips. On a basic level -a short clip of your practice, welcoming patients to the site and telling them a little about yourself will provide your site with engaging visual content.

Get Personal

You want to highlight the personal relationship that will ensue when a patient visits your practice, as such, the language used for your About Us page should be more personal than formal.

Your About Us page should be vibrant, welcoming and reflect the culture of your medical practice.


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