Tracking Benefits

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, News | 0 comments

Very few healthcare practices have a medical marketing strategy in place, having a plan of action and a direction for growth is vital for any business, why should a medical practice be any different? Without patients, there is no practice. Practice managers who do spend time marketing, need to know what methods are proving effective, tracking these efforts is extremely important.


Internet analytics is the collection, analysis and reporting of traffic data from your practice website. Analytics give you an insight into the behavior of your site visitors; how long they spend on your page, what area of the site garners their attention the most, and what information points they click through to. Checking your analytics, allows you to find out if content you post, whether it be in blog form, or a white paper, is relevant to visitors of your site.

You will soon see valuable information, such as:

  • What pages garner the most traffic
  • If there are referring URLs that are sending readers to your site, if so, which ones send the most?
  • What pages of your site do visitors spend the most time on
  • Are your social media channels working to drive traffic to your site

An analytics account can be set up for free, check it regularly, and you will get relevant and useful marketing information.



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