Top 5 Hotel SEO Mistakes

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Hotel and Leisure, Marketing, News | 0 comments

Some common SEO mistakes that Hotels can sometimes make:

1) Website: If you do not have a unique website- you run the risk of being invisible to a search engine’s robots.

Hotels need to understand what the major search engines wish to see, by major search engines we mean Google. Google want to see a unique web presence or website for each individual business, Hotels included. A domain name and website is therefore needed for each individual hotel, regardless of whether they are part of a chain or not.

2) Correct wording on the page. Identifying what your guests are searching for is vital in this instance. For example, ‘Hotel by the sea’, make sure to include ‘hotel by the sea‘ in an article or description on your hotel web page.

3) Provide compelling content. Too much focus on link building will provide your hotel with sub standard links that can harm your website in the long run. By providing compelling, relevant, and interesting content, you focus on people, and potential guests, thus building up your Hotel’s online presence with credibility.

4) Titles and descriptions of your important pages.

Google will look at your title tag first when it looks through your website. This is to ascertain what your website is about. Secondly, Google will look at your description tag, so make sure it is enticing and describes what your website does. With the meta title of your page, accuracy is important as it should reflect what your page is about. Your meta description is not used by Google to rank your site, but it may well show users your meta description, so make sure it reflects what sets your Hotel apart from any others. It is essentially a small description that will or will not convince users to click on to your website.

5) Google Webmaster Resources including Webmaster Tools (WMT). WMT allows Google to directly connect to you. It is how they communicate to you when they have uncovered an error on your site. Eg; your content has gone offline suddenly and without warning, perhaps due to a webmaster outage.

It can provide you with feedback on how Google views your website, allowing you the opportunity to make changes if and when they are needed.

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