The Four Tops

by | Aug 7, 2013 | News | 0 comments

1) Design The Perfect Video

Sounds a tad obvious, but a badly executed video will do your brand more harm than good, and will not aid your attempt to get a video ranking on the first page of Google.  The storyboard, production quality, footage, script will need to lend themselves to conversion. In short, you must create an engaging video- one that viewers will watch through to the end.

 2) Traditional Optimisation

Essentially,you need to give Google & YouTube what they want. With a YouTube video, you have the Title, Description and Tags (closed captions), where you add text that is keyword-optimised . For the description, you have a limit of 5000 characters, so do not be afraid to use them all if necessary.

Your  YouTube channel (which these days, is called the ‘One Channel’), allows you to become a YouTube partner. Become a YouTube partner and fill in as much detail as you can. Graphics, text, external links, social media links, playlists and welcome videos, unsubscribe videos… they will all make a big difference to your YouTube presence.

3) The Role Of Social Media

Social media is now an influential part of any rankings. To take advantage of this, link your social media channels- YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

Having an active presence across a range of social media channels allows your business to maintain an expert/authoritative presence within your industry sector.

4) Establish A Solid Foundation

Building a range of engaging videos on a variety of topics within your industry will quickly get you noticed by Google/YouTube, who in turn will pay attention and note than you are an established channel.

Google love interactive YouTube Channels, so when possible try to interact with your viewers, reply to their comments, share your videos and release them on a regular basis. This will maintain your presence as an established channel.

Videos will help you become an established leader in your industry or niche sector, this is where we can help.  OR – If this is something you want to take on by yourself, then we would recommend starting slowly and gradually building your video presence over time. If at any stage you require assistance, be it production, story boarding, scripting, deciding on which digital channels to explore, we can help and are only ever a phone call/ email away!