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You can’t please them all, no matter how good a first impression, and how well a patient was treated, sometimes they will just not be happy! How do you recover from that?

Work with your staff on dealing with a patient situation that is going badly, or is about to.

Informing the patients that their appointment may be running behind schedule will help to diffuse patient irritation. If the delay is increases, then offering them an alternative appointment, or assuring them their appointment will not be rushed is vital. Informing patients who have yet to arrive will also help to alleviate congested appointment times, as some patients may prefer to just re schedule before travelling to the practice.

Outside of their control:

Working with your staff to remain calm and not to react to a patients’ anger over something out of their control is also very important. As long as the patient knows that your staff are trying to solve their problem to the best of their ability, then the patient can be informed as to why the staff are unable to solve their problem. The best case is to apologise to the patient, and let them know that you understand their frustration or point of view.