Telling your story through your customers

by | May 27, 2013 | Marketing | 0 comments

Everybody is looking for a magic trick with which to turn social engagement into financial return.

One of the best networks for professionals is Linked In.

The self styled ‘Billion Dollar Start Up’ celebrated 10 years in business, and 225 Million members this month and what better way to spread the word than through video.

It’s not about Linked In though. It’s very much about the people who use it.

This connects what might otherwise be an irrelevant piece of vanity marketing into something which touches on the reasons why people engage with the business.

That mean you, me and more than 500,000 who watched the video in its first week.

Few of us have that kind of reach but the video which you can see below does deliver valuable lessons for all of us.

  1. Well crafted, well shot video with the right soundtrack has the ability to paint your business in a bigger frame than words, pictures or powerpoint can.
  2. Less is often more when it comes to the script. Watch out for “I’m not starting a business, I’m starting a movement”. Does that not make you curious to find out more about what Alexis Ringwald in the video is doing?
  3. Voicing your story over professionally chosen scenes that illustrate what it is you do allows dual track concentration on what your message is. Simply speaking to a camera is not nearly so effective.
  4. Using satisfied customers to subtly sing your praises, while at the same time offering them a platform for their own promotion is a win-win for both and enables you to lock in existing valuable relationships.
  5. Creating a video that resonates with your customers is not easy to do internally. All the teams that make your business have their own perception of what they do and what value they bring. Using an outside party like Digital Video Ireland to step into the shoes of those who use your service will give you a perspective that delivers results.