Stretch Your Reach

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Hotel and Leisure | 0 comments

Traditional and digital marketing strategies have increased the potential reach of hotels.

Most hotels’ marketing budget may focus on traditional marketing methods, however an increasing number now lean more toward new channels such as social media networks.

Whilst there will always be a focus on traditional marketing channels, a varied approach incorporating both offline and online channels is essential in today’s marketing environment.

The budget you have, and how it is split between these two arenas will impact future revenue and any strategic avenues your hotel group decides to follow.


Typically, Hotels might allocate between 5% and10% of revenue towards their sales and marketing efforts, percentages will always very depending on each hotel, their brand, their range and their size.

More and more Hotels are investing heavily in the digital arena, some as much as 70% of their budget.

Seeing their website as a revenue generator rather than an informative page, is key to many of these Hotels. Backing this up with renewed efforts towards content and SEO marketing strategies, aligned with social media and online display advertising, has seen a shift in focus, and some would argue an acceptance of the digital age.