Social Hotels

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Hotel and Leisure, Marketing, News | 0 comments

Social Media Hotels, what are they? In plain terms, they are hotels that actively use social media to not only engage with their guests, but also use it as a direct part of their sales solution process.

Some hotels will have a presence across numerous social media platforms, while others may decide to concentrate on one particular platform.

Being able to show your location, rooms, facilities, and updating your audience with your latest offers on a free platform will appeal to any hotel.

Social Media can help your hotel increase it’s online bookings, and the cost involved is minimal; staff members need to maintain the Hotel’s social media presence, so time should be allocated to its maintenance.

Some large global corporations use social media platforms as customer service portals.

Guest interaction on your Hotel’s social media page can work wonders for your Hotel’s online presence and will help spread the Hotel’s brand.

If guests take the time to interact with and follow your Hotel via social media, they will usually have a valid reason to do so. They might to want to emphasise their positive experiences of your Hotel, or to complain about the negative aspects of your Hotel. Either way, your Hotel must interact with them; complaints cannot be left unanswered, and equally compliments must also be acknowledged.

Making sure your guests’ comments are taken on board will mean they are more likely to return to your Hotel for their next stay.  It also provides the Hotel with valuable customer feedback, which can lead to improved service levels.

A few social media tips for your Hotel’s page:

Try to use high resolution imagery of your premises. Putting your best foot forward visually is a must.

Update your page on a frequent basis. Whether it is a blog, or a special offer or a shared article, give your audience some content on a regular basis. This does not have to be a daily update, rather a relevant and informative update perhaps once or twice a week.

Do not be afraid to ask your followers questions; it initiates conversations and interactivity amongst your followers.

Humour Helps. Updates that make people laugh will always be worth using, make sure they are tastefully humorous though! For example: photos of your staff dressed up for Halloween.


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