Brand Management

Do you understand the true value of your brand and the effect it has, both emotionally and psychologically on your customer base?

At The Simpson Marketing Partnership, we recognise your need to connect with your customers and to maintain that relationship by constantly reinforcing your message and identity.

We’ll review your brand by asking, and most importantly, answering the following questions:
  • How do you actively manage your brand?
  • What does your brand stand for and what are the core values?
  • How has the brand been built and what is its equity?
  • What does the brand mean to clients – what would they miss if it did not exist?
  • Can the brand be extended, used or combined with other products or markets?
  • What are high-risk areas that must be avoided?
  • Does brand promotion consistently project the brand values?

Once your brand has been evaluated and the results determined we can begin work on your identity and how your firm is perceived by your clients and the public in general. We’ll find out how you currently manage your identity and determine whether or not your communication materials – both internal and external – are immediately recognisable as coming from your company.

Your identity needs to reflect your desired image, particularly in an age when social media platforms allow any of your customers – satisfied or not – to speak about your firm and its processes. The first step is to ensure that your identity is widely understood by all stakeholders in your company and that it is actively supported and managed in a consistent manner and on a constant basis.