Organic Listings and SEO

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Organic listing represents the top listings that show up on a search engine when you do a search. These organic listings display at the top of the results search. These websites are there because they have content that is most relevant to the term you searched for. They have not paid for this to occur. Those websites that have paid for this top results page position are sponsored links and therefore appear at the very top of the page, often highlighted in a slightly different colour.

Organic SEO is the process by which your website appears in these top search results. The content of your website needs to have relevant keywords running through the content of your website. There is an acceptable amount of times these keywords should appear. If there are too many or too few, then your site will lose the attention of a search engine.

These same keywords must also form a of the meta tags of your site, as well as relevant descriptions.

There are certain factors to avoid in attempting organic SEO.

1:There are no easy fixes; results require patience. Anyone who claims to be able to get you to a top placement in a day or two will run the risk of getting you blacklisted. A search engine will identify this as suspicious.

2:  Content Spinning, is the notion of rewriting content instead of producing it yourself. There are programs that claim to rewrite content for you, but this will not provide you with outstanding content. Search engines have algorithms to detect this type of activity, and if caught, your website faces blacklisting.

3: As stated above, adding too many keywords will mean the content does not flow and is very hard to read, it will also get noticed by search engines that will degrade the websites’ credibility.

4: Broken Links can damage your website, essentially any links that are in your content must be checked to make sure that they are linking to the correct areas. If they do not link properly, then you have broken links.

5: Social Media is a powerful tool for use in an organic SEO strategy. The same rules apply though, in that building up the amount of likes you have on Facebook needs to be done authentically. There are options out there which let you pay for Facebook likes. These are very unlikely to be relevant to your website or company, and in some instances may be fake Facebook accounts. A business based in Ireland does not need a thousand Facebook likes, all of whom are based in a country thousands of miles away. It does not represent a relevant target audience.

While all these tactics can appear time consuming, and require large amounts of effort. A placement in the top search results listings will be well worth the effort. It provides your website with a credible and authentic presence on the web, that is something which is proving ever more valuable in this increasingly crowded digital marketplace.

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