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Online reviews are extremely important and influential factors for people who decide to book anything, from hotels, to holidays to weekend breaks.

9 out of 10 people consider online reviews as impactful to their booking decision.

So, not matter what a hotel does, it will invariably lose and gain guests based on previous online reviews about their hotel experience.

A further problem for Hotels is the sheer amount of review sites and online travel agencies. It is difficult to keep track of what is being said about your hotel online.

Once you are aware of the specific sites, there are a few things to bear in mind when addressing any reviews of your hotel:


Respond quickly.

It’s expected nowadays, taking too long to respond will mean you do not come across as attentive. Responding quickly shows that your hotel is receptive to feedback, and willing to learn from mistakes so that it can improve.

No swearing, no sarcastic attitude, and no rude comments.

Sounds pretty obvious, and yes it is. However more Hotels than you would imagine have given in to frustration and lashed out at customers via these review sites. It will do your Hotel no good to lose its digital temper so to speak.

Say you are sorry.

Apologise for any legitimate complaints made by former guests and simply inform them that you will take their comments on board and address the problems in the future.

Don’t try to guess the reviewers name.

Never include any personal information about the reviewer, phone numbers, names, addressed and so on. We all know fake reviews occur all the time, but they are difficult to prove.

Try not to sound generic.

Each review should be responded to on its own merits, do not trot out the same old worded apology for each and every review.

Try not to offer a discount.

Offering discounts can actually increase negative reviews — guests can give negative reviews if they feel they might get a discount out of it. Instead, mention the improvements you are making and ask the guest back for a return visit.

Don’t be shy about asking them to contact you offline.

Letting them know you are at the end of a phone line if they wish to speak or follow up with you is a reassuring message to convey. It also shows the guest that you genuinely care.


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