Online Reputation For Medical Practices

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Healthcare Marketing, News | 0 comments

In most cases, patients will cross check a medical practice’s website with a review site before even thinking about making an appointment.

Studies have shown that an unhappy patient is 3 times more likely to leave a review than a happy patient. There is a certain amount of cathartic relief associated with leaving a negative review about a product or service one is unhappy with.

For many doctors or practice managers, seeing a negative review of their practice may make them feel the need to publicly respond to the review. Responding directly, on the same review site platform, might infer that you are petty. Results and reviews whether positive or negative must appear organic and not rehearsed or prepared by a member of your practice staff. Instead, if possible, try to ascertain who the patient is, by checking your records, or appointment dates, if you identified them, then make contact directly by email or phone, this will show the patient that as a practice you take their displeasure very seriously and can offer to help to rectify the complaint as best you can.

This may not always be possible because you may not be able to identify the patient.

In so far as review sites, every practice will aim to have nothing but positive reviews, however it is natural that some patients will not be happy no matter what, and therefore it is reasonable and realistic that a practice will have the odd bad review.

Nothing is more suspicious than a slew of positive 5 star reviews, especially in succession. How many of us actually believe in perfection?

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