Mobile Marketing

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Marketing, News | 0 comments

Facebook’s recent share price hike has been attributed to the market believing that it will finally be able to make money from its 1.2billion users. Over half of active Facebook users access the platform via their mobile device, mobile in this instance means both Tablets and Smartphones.

Given this market sentiment, it is no surprise to see mobile marketing as a massively important tool for brands to reach their target audiences. Whether or not you believe Facebook’s shares are over priced, it indicates a major shift in how people access their social media channels, and by extension how they access the Internet.

Large brands have the budgets to make sure their sites are mobile friendly, and many have developed their own apps in an attempt to access mobile users. However, from a small business point of view, how does the increased relevance of mobile marketing come into play?

One obvious start is to address their website, is it mobile friendly? And if not, is it worth their while to develop a paired down microsite suitable for smartphone screens.  Developing a social media presence is perhaps just as important, seeing as people who are on Facebook and similar social networks access them via mobile.


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