Millennial Marketing

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, News | 0 comments

Some points to bear in mind for marketing to the millennial generation.

1: They are well educated, and technologically savvy and privileged.

They were born between 1980 and 2000; Millennials have had access to health care since birth, most are literate, with 7 out of 10 expected to attain a 3rd level degree. They have had more access to information than any previous generation, by growing up during the digital age, and the rise of the internet.

2: They Are Conscious Of Their Health.

People are living longer. 150,000 people worldwide now alive past the age of 100 years, Millenials can perhaps expect to reach 110 or 120 years of age. Certainly, most millenials will see no reason why they cannot reach those ages, and with modern nutrition and technology, it is entirely possible.

They are aware of the need to maintain good health,  and are still young enough to have dodged certain age-related conditions.

3: They Have Brand-Awareness.

Millennials are brand-aware, they discriminate before adulthood, having grown up in an age of child targeted advertising. Millenials know what they want, because the information is there to enable them to find it.

4: They Are Always Online.

Always online and always plugged in, millennials spend their lives connected to others, via the internet and their smartphones. What does this mean? It means text messaging, social media, smartphone apps, and blog sites all provide up to date information, which millenials process almost as quick as it appears online. Through the use of laptops, tablets and smartphones, they are rarely left without a constant stream of updates.

5: Spending Power

Right now, millennials have a buying power of more than €200 billion, this is believed to increase to €10 trillion throughout their lifetimes. In 2025, they are expected to represent ¾ of the global workforce.

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