Internet Marketing Trends For Hotels

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Hotel and Leisure, News | 0 comments

Search engines have been changed and tweaked and updated throughout 2013. Spam is now less of an intrusion for consumers, and search results appear more relevant than ever before.

Google’s penguin and panda updates provided more original and quality content for search results. Knowledge Graph followed on, updating their search algorithm. It added an extra emphasis on semantic search, and added contextual information for any keyword searched, by using extra sources like Wikipedia.The increase of mobile web users means an optimised mobile site is of ever-increasing importance.

Search results have become more localised, which is impacted by a Hotel’s location relative to a search term. Local profiles therefore need to be optimised.Consumer reviews are playing an increasingly important role in consumer buying decisions as well as search engine rankings.Hotels need to make it easy for their customers to provide reviews on the likes of TripAdvisor and Yelp, and even their own website.

Organic placement is more important than ever before, Hotels therefore need to make sure their website is optimised in terms of relevant and useful content, in addition to any paid search campaigns they may already be running.

Social media is huge; its impact on travel preferences and choices cannot be underestimated. People trust their friends and connections’ recommendations, hence the importance of a Hotel’s social media channels.  Search rankings are also being affected by social media signals, which only increase their importance from a Hotel’s perspective.

Content that is relevant and useful that is well placed on a Hotel’s website, needs to be replicated on all their social media channels. Imagery, Videos, Blog Posts, Updates must all remain engaging and relevant to their audience.

That very same engaging content is also needed for any email marketing campaigns that Hotels wish to run, informing their audience of any upcoming offers, or seasonal promotions and so on.

The digital world is a crowded place; Hotels need to leverage all their digital assets in order to stand out from the crowd.

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