Improve your Hotel with Analytics Part 4

by | Aug 19, 2013 | Hotel and Leisure, News | 0 comments

4. Are you making a great first impression?

If there is anything that counts in hospitality, it has to be first impressions.  A first impression helps set the stage for the guest’s expectations and assumptions of what your hotel can offer.

It is amazing how little attention span website visitors have, 82% of potential customers will leave a site if they feel it represents a bad experience.

By optimising a potential guest’s first impression with your hotel brand across mobile, online, and social you are ensuring you have a fair shot at converting them into guests.  Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be so difficult or expensive to do this!

Guests usually look for 3 things when browsing a Hotel website:

  • Photos- Large, Stunning Photos of the property and surrounding area.
  • Rooms- How do they look? what are the amenities?
  • Location- Where is the hotel located in relation to other points of interest.

By offering up the right information you can improve your chances to give those potential guests a positive first impression and continue to consider your hotel.

You can measure the effectiveness of your first impressions with a metric called  “bounce rate”.  The bounce rate will show how many visitors visit your site and leave within seconds versus those that stay on and browse longer on your website.

To understand this metric, let’s imagine 1,000 potential guests visit your site this month.  You may be jumping for joy, but if your bounce rate is on par with the industry average, you will be missing out on 60-70% of those 1000 visitors.

Leaving you with an actual 300 potential guests that you had a shot to impress and capture their reservation.

If your bounce rate is lower than 60-70% this means you’re doing something right.  Ultimately the lower your bounce rate- the better the first impression you are making and the larger the opportunity to fill your hotel with bookings.


Food for Thought:

By understanding where people are finding you, what they are looking for, and optimising your brand to be engaging you can improve your business’ bottom line.

It is important to remember that in today’s world we can track a lot of things, but few metrics actually help improve your business. Understanding these 4 metrics can actually improve your business’ bottom line.

  • What types of people find you?
  • Where do people discover you?
  • What are these visitors looking for?
  • Are you capturing their interest effectively?