Improve your Hotel with Analytics Part 2 and 3

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Hotel and Leisure, News | 0 comments

2. How do people find you?

“I know half of my marketing isn’t working, I just don’t know which half.”

William Lever (Founder of Lever Soaps which would become Unilever)

How do people become aware of your hotel? Maybe they googled your hotel or a friend of theirs stayed with you and recommended your hotel, or perhaps they saw a review of your hotel on Trip Advisor?

In today’s world it is possible to report on the effects of “word of mouse” or in other words how people find, interact, and share your brand online. As a result we can find out what half of our advertising is working and which half needs to be re evaluated.

Knowing how people find you can help you optimise your marketing budget and invest more into campaigns that are performing well.

Consider advertising with your local tourism website, tripadvisor, luxury property site, daily deal, etc.…


 3. Can you offer something extra?

Once a potential guest finds you, what were they looking at? Let’s imagine someone walks into your front reception area.  The potential guest asks your front desk about your family rooms – at this point you’d have a chance to impress them with the ambiance of the hotel, the customer service, and tell them about your family packages.

But, unfortunately walk-ins are not always the norm.

The same holds true online, we have a chance to tell them about your hotel and why it’s unique or the best family friendly option in the area.  In order to do this track how people find you online, which rooms they most view, or which promotions they click on.

Another great way to upsell your potential guests is to see which pages feed your booking engine the most.  Is it the luxury suite page or the family package on your site that gets the most visitors to click on the book now button?

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