Improve your Hotel with Analytics: Part 1

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Hotel and Leisure, News | 0 comments

Hotels, like their mottos, aim to please the guests that stay with them.

In the hospitality world, the goal is to create a memorable experience for the guest, which will make them spread the word and become return visitors.

In order to do this, a hotel has to know their guests and gather feedback to continue refining the experience.

So the question remains, how do we improve your guest’s experience without honest feedback?

We’ve all done the comment box. It’s a box of extremes-either they hated it or loved it. You may see often evidence of this on Trip Advisor reviews.

But what about all those other guests that have not yet stayed with you? How can we get their feedback prior to booking with you?

This sort of feedback from “potential guests” could greatly impact your hotel’s bottom line!

Over the next month we will explore 4 actionable areas we can get into the mind of your “potential guest” and solicit bottom-line improving feedback.

According to Google, there are 5 stages in the traveler’s experience.


Google’s Five Stages of Travel

1. Dreaming

2. Researching

3. Booking

(Those potential guests can be found in the first 3 stages of travel. 83% of leisure travelers and 76% of business travels begin their travel plans online.)

Source: The Traveler’s Road to Decision, Google, July 2012.

4. Experiencing

5. Sharing


Where do visitors come from?

Knowing where your guests and potential guests are coming from can help you be more effective in marketing, capturing direct bookings, and pleasing the guests once they visit.

For example, is it worthwhile for you to provide a version of your website in a different language? Knowing where your foreign guests are coming from will indicate the validity of providing your website in their language. If your website has an introductory video, catering for different language versions is also something to consider.