Hotel Tips for the Digital Age

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Hotel and Leisure, Marketing, News | 0 comments

10 Hotel Tips for the Digital Age:

1.Maintain your brand as best you can, try to be consistent with all your communication.

2.The easiest way to increase rates is to improve your guest satisfaction; let’s face it, you can’t just move the
Hotel or renovate it in the space of 24 hours.

3.Take a look at where the Online Travel Agencies advertise.

4.Charging the correct rates to the correct guests will lead to increased room occupancy, remember you control both of these factors.

5.If you do not want to advertise, think about using a wider range of Online Travel Agencies.

6.The Unique Selling Point of your hotel is never what you think it is, it’s actually down to what your guests think.

7.Any marketing communication you carry out, needs to be traceable, you need to be able to track any results you get from these activities.

8.Venue, Value, and Convenience; they are the three main goals,  while you might not have all three, your marketing efforts can help to set you apart.

9.Online Travel Agencies are not the enemy; they can help to contribute as much as 30% of your direct bookings.

10.Your website needs to perform for you- Conversion Rates, Visits to your site, Turnover Generated, keep all of these in mind when you allocate your budget.