Healthcare: Inbound Marketing

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Outbound marketing communications will always follow a certain template, especially when it comes to healthcare practitioners. They will all run along the lines of informing the potential patient who you are, where you are, and what you do.

Inbound marketing can take a somewhat different slant on this communication channel. In general, someone is researching a specific medical problem, and your practice identifies with them and offers them an example of the services you provide, your expertise, and your authenticity, next you offer the patient a next step in solving their problem.

The main difference between these two methods is that inbound marketing looks at someone who is already actively looking for you.

With inbound marketing, you are placing relevant and useful information in areas where these patients can find it, so that when they need it, they can become aware of you and your ability to help solve their problem.

Healthcare providers that use this inbound marketing method are spending their marketing budget wisely, as it is being used to indentify themselves to a target audience, which is actively seeking them out.

Outbound marketing, while potentially raising your profile, will not be target specific, and therefore will not reach the audience you want it to reach.

Inbound marketing is not an overnight fix, it is a longer term plan for healthcare providers that want to initiate a trustworthy presence among their target audience.

Your healthcare practice must gain an authoritative presence; otherwise prospective patients will go elsewhere.

Videos, Blogs, and even Podcasts can all be placed on your home website, providing patients with relevant information when they need it. This allows you to show your expertise in a given area.

The fact is, that patients will type their issue into a search engine and see what results come up. With this in mind, make sure your blogs and videos and podcasts are available not just on your website, but on other channels also. Social media channels can be used to broaden your reach. They also help your online presence increase through search engine results. This is not to say you should allocate all your content onto other channels, rather some introductory content with links to your website for further more detailed information.


The method of inbound marketing is better suited to the healthcare sector than other sectors. People need to feel they can trust an expert before deciding to visit them, because after all, it is their health at stake.


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