The Health of Your Website

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Healthcare Marketing | 0 comments

Ingredients for a successful website.

Call to action:

Make sure your phone number and contact details are easily visible, allowing patients to contact, and make appointments with you.

Is there far too much text on your website?

Websites made up mostly of text are difficult to read, visitors will not stay long on these sights. Make sure your website is visually interesting, include photos of your staff and premises. Ideally you would have an introductory video on your website, this would allow your visitors to find out all about your practice in a short amount of time.

Can viewers find out about you personally? 

Inevitably, people will research their prospective doctors or medical practices online. Your professional training, educational background, and a photo headshot will provide the patient with the information they require.

Helping to convey the personal side of your healthcare practice will make patients feel more at ease.