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What is the last item you searched for on Google?

How many ads did you notice at the top your Google search page?

And is it me, or do these ads seem bigger than they used to be?

It appears that organic search engine listings are dropping further down the page, are Google squeezing these listings out??

Instead of a search page, you are now confronted with an advertising page. Searching for a term has now become searching (unknowingly) for an advertisement related to your search term.

Most people hate being sold to, especially on a search directory. On instinct, I scroll down to the organic search listings, I have an implicit mistrust of the advertisements that occupy the top of my search page. Is this just me, or is it commonplace amongst all who “google” search items, words, terms, places etc.

We are, I believe, all hardwired not be ripped off, sold short, or sold to, not that it doesn’t happen from time to time. —In a recent report, “Ad Blindness”: what I have just described, means that only 5% percent of total searchers click on the paid ads on any search page, OR put another way, I like 95% of all people, scroll down to the organic search listing instead of clicking on the paid ad that sits atop of my page.

How does this relate to video marketing? Having a video on your website, means you are more likely to turn up on the front page of Google’s organic search listings.  Which 95% of searchers will skip to because of those top page paid ads.

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