Google Plus Ones

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Hotel and Leisure, Marketing | 0 comments

While social media has not yet replaced back links in terms of search engine relevance, it is widely believed that it will overtake back links in the coming years.

Websites with more social links such as likes or tweets or +1’s tend to rank better on search engines. This supports the belief that social media’s relevance to an organisation’s digital presence is on the increase.

It should not be of particular surprise to anyone that a search engine like Google will place a certain amount of emphasis on the amount of Google +1’s a certain website may have.

Google Plus has been laying down the gauntlet to Facebook for some time now, whilst each platform has its own fans and devotees, what cannot be ignored is the fact that everyone who has a Gmail account now has a Google Plus account. Whether these users actually use their Google Plus account is another matter entirely.

What matters, is that the one major search engine on these shores has its own social media network; a network which it has invested heavily in and which it uses to help rank websites on its search engine.  Just like Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus is free.

It is also worthwhile to note that high -ranking pages will often have quality content, and that first and foremost is the reason why they happen to have so many social shares.

Either way you look at it, having a presence on Google Plus will do your organisation no harm in the long run, especially if you increase the amount of +1’s your organisation has.


What should Hotel Marketers make of all this?


What every hotel should have is social media integration on all the pages of their website. Not that every visitor will want to share your content, but for those that will, you need to provide them with a way to do so.


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