Going Viral

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Marketing, News | 0 comments

Online content going viral, it is what all online marketing efforts are geared towards. It is not an easy feat.

Content that has something different that hooks the masses tends to go viral. Engaging, entertaining, exciting, shocking, informative, relevant, useful, there is a lot to cram into one stream or piece of content. It is next to impossible to provide content that ticks all these boxes, however content that ticks some oft them has a better chance of going viral.

The masses, content that a small section of users find enthralling will not go viral, simply put it needs to engage the masses.  Every section of society will have to find the content interesting for it to go viral. The difficulty is evident, how many topics can satisfy a broad spectrum of the market?

Visuals, the rise in popularity of videos and imagery would suggest people are increasingly less inclined to read full articles on a given subject. Hence; infographics, videos, images are now all being used to engage audiences across the web.

Cutting down the complexity. Content that simplifies statistics or information into digestible pieces works well for mass consumption. Groundbreaking information or research that can be simplified by using an infographic or an image or a chart is more suited to going viral. The easier the content is to understand, the better its chances are of going viral.

People access the Internet through a variety of different screens; PC’s, Tablets, Laptops, Smartphones. Content that you hope to go viral should be accessible via all these different screens, responsive design comes into play here. It allows your content to viewed on any platform. It is even more important when visuals are involved. The user must be able to see the image or graphic on their given platform, it may be a tablet or an older home PC. If they cannot see it, then you have lost them as a potential reader, they will venture elsewhere.

Viral content is not an easy endeavour ; it will need plenty of sharing, and plenty of access points. Namely links that allow the user to share it with their own audiences, social media buttons are useful for social media sharing, options for the content to be forwarded via email is also another useful mechanism.

Creating something that you want to spread means giving it all possible methods of spreading, social media, email and forwarding options will all help.


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