Digital Marketing Trends From 2013

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Marketing has undergone significant changes in the last few years, and will continue to do so in 2014. The array of technologies now available, and the resultant trends represent challenges to us all. Being tech savvy is longer an advantage as such, it is more a prerequisite than ever before. Looking back at some of the developments from 2013 will help to put 2014 into focus.



Search engine marketing from both a paid and organic perspective have represented the largest piece of the digital marketing pie so to speak.

This slice has become more fragmented, in terms of targeting for both PC’s and tablets and the acknowledgement of the importance of mobile, in terms of smartphones.

Facebook’s mobile advertising offering, and its Facebook Exchange programmatic channel is further evidence of the increased importance that both social media and mobile will continue to hold in 2014. The amount of paid media offerings on LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter add further evidence of the social advertising industry gaining traction in the digital marketing space.

The role of earned media will be as important as ever in 2014, however, whereas paid media may have been an afterthought in 2013; it stands to increase in popularity. The targeting ability of the major social media platforms allows marketers a more focused method of reaching new audiences; as such 2014 offers an opportunity to explore a layered social advertising approach, with the evolving platforms that these major social players can provide.



Television is getting closer and closer to online video. The merger makes sense in a number of ways, and using a blend of both these mediums can now increase frequency and reach. The convergence we are seeing between offline and online may well allow for budgets to be to re adjusted acknowledging the growth of online video.


Real Time:

The one real stand out from traditional marketing, the ability to capture your audience who are in-market and browsing or searching online, in real time will increase in 2014. RTB, real time bidding will grow in 2014, simply because of the possibilities it offers to marketers. The industry will get closer to real -time marketing over the next 12 months, the technology providers are offering more and more solutions to enable this to happen.


Location, location, location:

People are on the go, on the move, and more importantly they are on their smartphone, or tablet. Hence the rise in location and proximity marketing, technology that allows marketers to decipher where consumers are placed in relation to a location will provide an enhanced mobile advertising experience. Whilst we are not there yet, 2014 should see significant improvements that will allow marketers to embrace this mobile realm.


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